What is PGC

PGN Game Coding is a binary file format for representing chess games. It is described in the PGN Standard. To the best of my knowledge it has never been implemented; most likely because of the complexity required to implement it.

Purpose of pgn2pgc

  1. To rectify the situation, where the PGN standard described something that was never implemented.
  2. To encourage commercial and noncommercial developers to include support for pgc format in their programs soon.

What does it do?

Converts chess game files in .pgn format to .pgc format.

How to get pgn2pgc

You can download pgn2pgc in zip format or as a self-extracting zip. For the security conscious here are my pgp signatures for every file..

What is in pgn2pgc?

C++ source code for the program and a compiled version for win9x (console mode, best ran at the DOS prompt). It was compiled on Borland C++ 4.5 without any problems.

I would be pleased if anyone ports it to another compiler or platform.


This is the second beta release of pgn2pgc.

I don't have any interest right now in working on it any further: if you are interested in working on it or using the source for something else contact me and I'll give you pointers on where to go.


I've released the source to the Public Domain.


Please direct any questions or feedback to Joshua.


Last modified on Sat, July 29, 2000.

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